Volleyball How To

Coach Bob Bertucci

The best volleyball players and coaces use the optimum volleyball drills in practice to bring
their game to the next level. To elevate your individual or team’s volleyball to its highest potential, you must do the same.

In order to master the many important aspects of the game you must employ the repetition of highly specific drills to develop improved skills.

If you are seeking to improve your abilities in passing, serving, setting, blocking, digging, service reception or spiking, here is the volleyball training program that can help you make the difference. What better way to improve your volleyball program, than to turn to an All Star Coach who already has the experience in doing just that.

Bob Bertucci has over 20 years of head coaching experience and has established a reputation as one of the nations’ top volleyball coaches. He currently is coach of the Temple University where they recently finished 29-7 and a NCAA sweet 16 finish. Described as an architect of the game, he has coached several national teams, most recently the Women’s Volleyball Team in the World University Games in Spain.

His Video Series on key on Volleyball Practice Drills that are Fun including:





Volleyball Basics: Skills and Drills

This video presents a detailed overview of six essential volleyball skills. A partial list of topics includes serving, setting, underhand passing, spiking, blocking, and digging. Length 61 minutes.






Winning Setting and Spiking Drills

A coach-friendly collection of drills designed to help develop setting and spiking skills and techniques. Length 40 minutes.






Winning Underhand Passing Skills and Drills

This video presents a detailed overview of this essential aspect of play. Topics covered include posture, forearm contact, angle of platform, movement, drills, and coaching points.







Winning Blocking and Digging Drills

A series of developmental drills designed to enhance blocking and digging skills and techniques. Length 40 minutes.





Winning Serve and Service-Reception Drills

Forty minutes of some of the best serve and service-reception drills from one of the most sought-after coaches in volleyball. Covers serving technique, individual serve reception, progression of serve reception formation, individual and small group drills, coaching points, and much more. Length 40 minutes



The Bertucci series of volleyball drills and practice can help you and your team enhance the area of the game that you want to improve.