Four Square Ball Court Dimensions

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Four Square Court
Dimensions Diagram

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Four Square Court Dimensions:

Four Square, also known as squareball, boxball, blockball, handball, and champ, is a game where a minimum of four players try to get the other players “out” and become the last person standing.

Four Square Court Size:

The overall size of the Four Square court has a direct impact on the size of the smaller squares, increasing or decreasing difficulty and the number of maximum players. Court size is generally sixteen (16) feet on each side. Each of the four inside squares are then eight (8) feet per side. Court sizes may vary.

Although the size of the court may differ, the rules that affect the lines that make up the boundaries remain the same.

The Court:

The game is played on a court of four equal squares, in which each square is a particular player’s domain. Each spot is ranked from highest to lowest, with the highest ranked person placed diagonal to the lowest ranked person. Some locations use numbers, while others use titles of royalty, or letters for square rankings.

The physical position of the rankings remain the same. The number one player will be on the bottom right, while the number 4 player will be diagonal to player 1 in the top left position. When a player is eliminated all players shift over and a new player in line to join the game at the first square starts play.

Outside Lines – Out of Bounds:

The “outside lines” are the lines that make up the larger square that overlaps the smaller, individual squares. The standard sized court has an Outside Line area of sixteen (16) feet by sixteen (16) feet. These lines make up the entire play area and are used in rules governing the out of bounds area.

Four Square can be played on courts of varied sizes. Smaller children may wish to play of less area. A typical minimum sized court would be 6 feet by 6 feet on the outside lines. The fun of four square is that the court only needs four equally sized squares.

Inside (Four Square) Lines – Players Domain:

The “inside lines” are the lines that divide the court into four smaller squares. These lines make up each players “domain” and are used in rules governing the player’s play area. The standard Inside Four Square Lines are eight (8) feet by eight (8) feet.

As mentioned above, courts can vary in size. At a minimum inside lines should be a minimum of three (3) feet by three (3) feet.

The Four Square Ball:

The official ball is an 8.5-inch playground ball that is inflated to 2 pounds. The ball must be hit with the player’s hands. Catching, holding, or carrying the ball is not allowed as it can give players an unfair advantage.

Four Square Surfaces:

Four Square can be played on any hard surface, such as asphalt, concrete or wood. Four square can also be played on the beach where the sand is more compact. Many four square courts can be found on short nap carpets where tape has been placed for kids to play.