Rugby Field Dimensions


Rugby Field Dimensions Diagram
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Outside Dimensions

The exterior dimensions of a rugby field are not to be greater than 144 meters long including the Dead Ball Line. The width should not be greater than 70 meters

Halfway Line

The halfway line marks the field in half regardless of the size of the field.

10 Meter Line

The 10 meter line is marked 10 meters from the halfway line on either side. The 10 meter line marks the distance that a kickoff must go before the opposing team may gain possession of the ball.

22 Meter Line

The 22 meter line is measured from the goal line (or try line). This is the line marks the spot play is restarted.

In Goal

The “in goal” is the equivalent of the end zone in football. It is marked by the Goal Line and the Dead Ball Line. The size of the In Goal is not less than 10 meters and not greater than 22 meters.

The Goal Post

The goal post in Rugby shares the same dimensions as NFL Football. In meters the goal is 5.6 meters wide and 3 meters high at the crossbar.