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Basic Rules of Tennis:

A game of tennis is played with the aim of scoring points by striking the ball in a way that an opponent can not successfully return it. Tennis can be played indoor or outdoor, on a rectangular court by two persons (known as singles) or by four persons (doubles). Tennis courts are about seventy-eight feet long and are twenty-seven feet wide for single play, or thirty-six feet wide for double play. Service courts are those spaces on the either side of the net. The service court on the player’s right is known as the deuce court, while the service court on the left is known as the advantage court, or ad court for short. A tennis game is commenced with the server from one team tossing the ball into the air and hitting it with a racquet. The goal is to send the ball in a diagonal direction so that it lands in the receiver’s deuce court. When the first point of the game is made, players move to the left and continue play from the advantage court. They then continue to alternate between courts after each point is made until the game has been won.