Basketball Rules – Governing Bodies

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Basic Rules of Basketball
The object of a basketball game is to score points by making field goals or free throw shots. There are two opposing team, each with five players.

A game commences with a jump ball at the court center, wherein each of the teams vie for ball possession. Each team then tries to recover the ball, makes a series of passing moves, and makes shots within shooting range at their designated baskets –circular hoops and net positioned at each ends of the court.

The opposing team, on the other hand, tries to block the shots to prevent the ball from going into the basket and attempts to recover the ball.

Basketball rules award two points for each field goal, while three points are scored for field goals shot beyond a designated distance from the basket. Two free throw shots, each worth a point, are awarded to a player after being fouled by a player from the opposing team in a penalty situation.

In professional rules, a game consists of four quarters, each with 12 minutes. The team with the higher score wins a game.