International Basketball Federation


International Basketball Federation
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After having accomplished a lot in 2003, FIBA is pursuing new strategies to improve its stature in the international sporting scene. With a new branding and a new website, FIBA is set on implementing its strategic plan until 2010 – a plan that sets new structures, processes, and systems for “FIBA to stay ahead of the competition and to protect its own rights and values that have been built up over 70 years.”

To date, FIBA has 212 national federations in 5 zones and 450 million basketball players in the world. Together with these federations, FIBA is molding a more unique identity for basketball to stand out in the highly competitive sporting scene. They aim to do this by increasing efficiency in national federations, instituting worldwide standards of structure and management, attracting and retaining young players, harmonizing worldwide calendars, and generating more funding sources to sustain these activities.