Horseshoes Pit Dimensions


Horseshoes Pit Dimensions Diagram
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Overall Playing Area

Horseshoe Pit Dimensions consist of a “playing area” that is measured lengthwise from the back of the pitching areas and the width across the pitchers box. This overall length is 48 feet and width is 6 feet.

The Pitchers Box

The pitchers box measures 6 feet (72 inches) by 6 feet. The elements of the pitchers box include The Pit, The Pitching Platform and The Stake.

The Pit

The horseshoe pit itself should be no larger than 36 by 72 inches and the rules allow for a minimum size of 31 by 43 inches.

The Stake

The horseshoe stake should extend upward 14 to 15 inches with a slight (3″) tilt forward.

The Pitching Platform

Horseshoe regulations call for the platform to extend 18 to 20.5 inches in width.

The Extended Pitching Platform

An extended pitching platform may be added extending the platform by 10 additional feet in front of the pit. This extended platform can be used by younger players.

The Backboard/Backstop

Extending 12 inches beyond the Pitchers Box a Backboard or Backstop may be installed to stop wayward horseshoes and pit material.