Softball Rules – Governing Bodies

Below you will find links to many of the worlds largest Softball Rules Organizations and Governing Bodies. Click on the links below for more information about the organizations listed.

Basic Rules of Softball

The object of a softball game is to stand beside (not on) home plate and hit the ball into play. There are two opposing teams, with the players in the filed of play called as the fielders. The player hitting the ball is called the batter – who must run around the bases and return to the home plate. If the ball is hit into the foul area then that is considered a strike, except when the batter already has two strikes. If the ball is caught in the foul area, the batter is out. A ball is foul when it lands in-field and then goes over the foul line before it reaches the out field, but a ball is fair if goes over the foul line but has hit the ground in the out field. When three batters have been caught/tagged/thrown/struck out, the whole team is out. Each batter who manages to return to the home plate scores a point for the team. There should be around 6-9 innings to wrap up a game, depending on how long the players want to play. The team with the most number of runs wins the game.