Senior Softball USA

Senior Softball USA


Retired state actress Evelyn Brown Rittenhouse is credited for pioneering Senior Softball in the 1930s. Rittenhouse used to manage a retirement community in St. Petersburg in Florida and suggested softball games as a way to keep the older people active.

In the early days, people used to walk to the bases. Senior softball has evolved since then. In 1988, Bob Mitchell founded Senior-Softball USA, the world’s largest organization of senior softball players in Sacramento, California. Unlike its earlier forms, Senior Softball-USA is a fast paced and vigorous sport. It also features a smaller and harder ball. The sport welcomes men aged 50 and above, and women aged 45 and above.

Since its foundation, Senior Softball-USA membership continually increased by about 500 players per quarter. To date, the organization has over 1.5 million active senior softball players in 1,500 teams in every state and in Canada.