Tennis Wales


Tennis Wales


As a governing body, Tennis Wales has two primary objectives: to provide information and to communicate with enthusiasts on matters related to tennis in Wales. Overseeing tennis activities and promoting a shared vision among key players and stakeholders is a somehow complex process for Tennis Wales as it has to deal with structures that have been existent for a long time. Among others, Tennis Wales has to deal with two main tennis county structures: Tennis Wales North and Tennis Wales South – which also have local group affiliations. Aside from these, Tennis Wales also deals with various clubs all across Wales, numbering about 21 clubs affiliated to Tennis Wales North, representing about 865 senior members and 1,056 junior members. Moreover, Tennis Wales deal with 63 clubs affiliated with Tennis Wales South, with about 3,323 senior members and 2,902 Junior members.

Tennis Wales sustains its efforts through funding from the Lawn Tennis Association and the Sports Council for Wales. With support from its sponsors, Tennis Wales aims to accomplish to main goals: to have two Welsh players with a world ranking inside the top 150 within the next ten years; and to increase club membership in Wales by 50% over the same time scale.