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tennis-pro-lessons-serveTennis greats employ the use of the best tennis training aids to bring their game to the highest level. To bring your tennis to the point of success, you must do the same if you are going to master the many important skills of the game. These skills can only be improved through the proper tennis instruction from a qualified, experienced teacher.

If you seek to improve your serve, your backhand stroke, your forehand, volley or net game, angle shots or lob and drop shots, here is tennis video instruction from the Pro’s that will make the difference.

Better yet, it will not cost you a fortune to make an appointment with a pro at an expensive club. Instead with this DVD set, you can bring the best tennis video instruction right into your home and take lessons at your convenience.

The “Pro Tennis Lessons” series of videos (DVD’s) can help you with the area of your game that you want to improve. This series of tennis instructional videos will work with you on the following important parts of your game

If you want to improve your game, a quality coach providing you with a solid tennis training program is the quickest way to success. James Jensen is that coach. He is one of the most respected and sought after coaches in the country.

As a certified USPTA Pro he has over 20 years experience as a player and coach. He has an innovative approach to the game that will transform your play into the best that it can be. By applying the fundamentals you learn on the videos you will transform your strokes and game strategies into those used by the pros.

The game of tennis has morphed into a powerful, aggressive sport with shot making a major part. Using his instruction, you will learn the techniques of the winning style of tennis used by the best in the game today.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player you can bring your skills to a higher level by ordering James Jensen’s “Pro Tennis Lessons” DVD instructional series today!

Customer/Viewer Testimonials:

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“Pro Tennis Lessons” – The Ultimate Serve DVD:

“This DVD helped my Serve more than the lessons I have taken trying to improve it. Taking lessons can be frustrating because some coaches are not great teachers and I have walked away wondering, what did he say? Not so with this DVD from Pro James Jensen. He is an exceptional teacher and I quickly understood every thing he taught on improving my Serve. The improvements I made with my slice and kick serves were immediate and I was able to Ace more than I ever have before in my weekly club matches. All I can say is this is a great learning tool and I will be purchasing more from Coach Jensen’s Tennis DVD series.” Issac (Sarasota, FL) Rating:


“Pro Tennis Lessons” – The Ultimate Forehand DVD:

tennis-pro-lessons-forehand“After collecting a number of tennis instructional tapes and books over the years I must say I was blown away with James Jensen’s “Ultimate Forehand” DVD. No one even comes close to covering the amount of important details as Jensen does in this high quality program. The material and presentation had me immediately improving my forhand stroke where I was able to add consistent power, accuracy and top spin that I never had before. With over 90 minutes of top notch instruction it is well worth the price and I highly recommend his series to all players looking to improve their game. I look forward to getting the other titles in Jensen’s Pro Tennis Lessons series.” A viewer (Cleveland, Ohio) Rating:


“Pro Tennis Lessons” – The Ultimate Backhand DVD:

tennis-pro-lessons-backhand“OK, I read the description and himned and hawed about spending the money to buy this DVD since few instructionals really deliver quality instruction. Case in point are some Bolleteri’s I bought that were really lame. To my satisfaction this DVD delivered all it said and more. It’s long like almost 2 hours and never boring. Well laid out it builds your back hand from scratch into a formidable stroke. Jensen’s modern day training techniques has turned my two handed back hand into a much more confident and accurate stroke. Besides myself my Doubles partner is really happy with my better play which I owe to this DVD.” Cindy Bellows (New Orleans, LA) Rating:


“Pro Tennis Lessons” – The Ultimate Volleys and Net Game DVD:

tennis-pro-lessons-volleys-net-game“I have several James Jensen Tennis DVD instructionals and this is my favorite. With the help of this DVD I have gone from a timid vollyer to an agressive take no prisoners net attacker. My new style of play has increased my wins and gotten me more respect on the court. Very good instruction that will definetly help your volley game.” Kyle Hatcher KSH” (San Jose, CA) Rating:


“Pro Tennis Lessons” – Ultimate Killer Angle Shots DVD:

tennis-pro-lessons-angle-shots“This DVD gave me the techniques I needed for keeping my return shots away from my opponents. Understanding how to hit angles with top spin and ways of positioning the racquet to create impossible returns has given me my most successful tennis summer ever. Much better and cheaper than many lessons I have taken on trying to develop angle shots. Good work here.” Juan Yanez (Mexico City) Rating:


“Pro Tennis Lessons” – The Ultimate Lobs and Drop Shots DVD:

tennis-pro-lessons-lobs-drop-shots“I never really understood the techniques behind the lob shot but this DVD really opened my eyes to what an effective shot the lob is! The techniques and drills Pro James Jensen shows have given me a killer lob that is great at frustrating my opponents who attack the net. The lesson on lobbing to my opponents backhand side is well worth the price of the DVD since this technique has brought me numerous points in singles and doubles play. Having your opponent run back to return a lob thrown up over his backhand side gets commical at times as he awkwardly runs back trying to return a high lob with a high backhand stroke which he usually puts into the net. As Pro Jensen states take away your opponents weapons so why lob to his powerful forehand side when you can lob to his weak backhand side to take away the killer overhead smash. Makes sense to me. Want to drive your opponents nuts then get this DVD lesson its done wonders for me.” Kyle Hatcher “KSH” (San Jose, CA) Rating: