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Badminton Canada
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In Canada, badminton was first played in Ottawa way back in 1900. Seven years later, the first sign of formal play emerged in Canada as its oldest badminton club was formed: the Ladies’ Montreal Tennis and Badminton Club. However, it was only in 1914 when the first badminton club championships were held in Canada, along with its first open badminton tournament. In 1921, the Canadian Badminton Association was finally formed to serve as the main governing body of the sport in the country. It was only in 1989 when the association’s name was changed to Badminton Canada.

Highlights of the association’s history include Canada’s hosting of the World Championships in Calgary Alberta in 1985; Canada’s triumph in the 1985 Pan American Championships where it won in all individual and team events; and another clean sweep in the PAN-AM Games in 1995 where it won gold in all five disciplines.