BASEBALL GOVERNING BODIES – Major League Baseball Rules


Major League Baseball
Rules and regulations:

Major League Baseball refers to the governing body that operates North America’s two top leagues, the National League and the American League – a collaborative arrangement established in 1920. Widely considered as the highest level of play in professional baseball in North America, Major League consists of 2 leagues, 30 teams, and over 750 active players.

The Major League Constitution governs the Major League. Since it was first drafted in 1920, the Constitution has undergone various revisions, the most recent of which was in 2001.

The Major League considers 2003 as one of its best years: amid a stale economy, it drew more than 67 million fans, turning their attentions away from the Iraq war and other pressing issues. The Major League also reported having five clubs topping 3 million, which includes Series champion Anaheim Angels for the first time — and a dozen others went over 2 million. Fans attendance was also at its peak – with the Major League reporting the “best season-gate in venerable Wrigley Field, best single-game crowd in Oakland’s Coliseum, best day-of-game sale at New Comiskey, and best four-game series in remodeled Yankee Stadium.”