Championship Soccer Drills


Championship Soccer Drills is the highest rated soccer training video on Rated at 5 stars, this instructional soccer video provides dozens of creative drills used by successful couches all over the world.

Marty Shupak an accomplished sports instructional video director takes this video (DVD) to the highest level.

Coach Bart Jensen, a former professional player and an “A” licensed European Coach shows how you can improve in your shooting, passing and ball handling skills including proper heading of the ball, offensive moves and back moves.

Championship Soccer Drills covers all the important skills in the game. You can take many of the drills contained in the video out into your back yard, or use with your team during practice. The soccer training drills will help you take your game (or your teams game) to the next level in a way that is fun and motivating.

Here is what you will learn by applying the soccer training drills in the video:

  • 40+ soccer techniques & drills
  • Coach Bart’s quick tips & coaching hints
  • Covers basic soccer fundamentals to advanced skills
  • Ball handling techniques and drills
  • Passing drills
  • Heading techniques
  • Offensive and back moves
  • Footwork skills and drills
  • Possession Drills
  • Shooting Techniques

Presentation time is 45 minutes – DVD Format.

Some of the many positive comments about this video include:

“Professionally edited, worthwhile soccer drills and skills galore make this a must for any soccer coach or parent’s DVD library.”

“As president of our soccer league, I have recommended “Championship Soccer Drills” to all my teams (coaches) on the recreational and traveling team level. This is one of the better instructional soccer videos/DVD’s I have seen.”

“This is one of the better instructional soccer videos/DVD’s I have seen. The presentation is clear. The techniques are very good. The flow of the video is the best part with “little talk” and “more action”. Most leagues should have a video like this in their library for coaches. This is a must buy!!!”

“This soccer instructional video/DVD is one of the best things I have seen in a long time. It is Two thumbs, and eight fingers up! Well done, very very well done!”

“I recommend this well-produced video for all players 6-16, coaches and parents. For the 3 years that I’ve coached soccer ages 8-12, I have found this video to be one of the best I’ve seen.”

“Unlike other sports instructional videos that have more talk, less action, “Championship Soccer Drills” seems to have hit home the structure of a successful instructional tool that keeps your interest. Divided up into different categories such as, shooting, ball handling, back moves etc., the video is an encyclopidia of soccer drills and skills. This is a real good buy!”

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