Nedco BatAction Hitting Machine

The BatAction Hitting Machine’s high speed moving ball makes backyard or team batting practice fun, challenging and productive.


This baseball hitting aid is known and respected for improving bat speed, hitting skill and confidence. The height and speed of the ball is adjustable for all ages and skill levels. The BatAction Machine carry’s a full one year warranty and a Money-Back Guarantee. This baseball hitting aid is 100 percent guaranteed to improve hitting skill or you get your money back.

Many drills can be preformed with the Nedco BatAction allows a baseball player to get the equivilent of many innings of hitting without the need for a pitcher (or soft toss), a net, or a bucket of balls!

No other battnig aid or machine allows a player to get the repetitions, in such a small space, by him or herself, without a large net or open field!


  • Sets up in minutes. Portable with a travel weight less than 40 pounds.
  • High speed horizontal ball movement closely simulates real hitting conditions.
  • Large circle of ball movement allows maximum time to track the ball coming in and leaving the bat.
  • Height and speed adjustments for all ages and skill levels.
  • Batter receives instant feedback as to swing quality and power.


  • Can be taken with you to practice or even on vacation! Small footprint can be set up anywhere.
  • Repetitions to groove your swing, without the need for a designated pitcher.
  • Simulates a pitched ball without the need of a batting cage. or net of any type.
  • One machine can provide hitting drills for all members of the family
  • Like open field hitting you will know if good contact and swing mechanics are made without the need for an open field.