Football Speed Training

When you are speed training for football it can be a real drag (no pun intended) as you workout to excel. The traditional way to train for speed involved wind sprints and many repetitive drills.


Some football speed training equipment requires another individual to work out with you. Other football speed drills require very expensive bulky equipment. Not anymore.

Now with the Power Chute Running Parachute, you can train at your convenience and get the best workout possible in the shortest amount of time.

Using the Power Chute, your football speed training is done is less time while you train using resistance running and “overspeed” running.

Train with the chute attached to the adjustable belt, and you are resistance running with the chute behind you. Rip the Velcro strap from your belt and you instantly go into “overspeed” mode. You will love the “shot out of cannon” feeling as you rip off the chute and experience what it feels like to “shoot through the hole” with overdrive speed!

Keys to successful football speed drills include increasing leg strength, improving stride length, and stride frequency. The Power Chute is the best football speed training aid to improve all these aspects of your running technique.

The Power Chute is a superior product thanks to its design. Other chute products have strings that tangle and break. Power Chute uses a mesh panel construction that will NOT tangle. This means more time dedicated to training and none wrestling with an inferior product.

The Power Chute comes in 3 sizes for all skill levels. See the chart below for information on which size to choose, and some information on the resistance provided by the Power Chute.