Horseshoes How To Play – Rules


Looking for the number one book on all things horseshoes? Author Steven Boga is a lover of all things outdoors and has written several books on outdoor sports. His book“Horseshoes” shows his love for outdoor games. If you are looking for the definitive book on enjoying, learning and winning at the game of horseshoes? Look no further.

A look at the index of the book gives some insight on what is inside of this 5 star book:

  • Introduction
  • History of Horseshoes
  • Court and Equipment
  • Grip, Stance and Swing
  • Strategy
  • Winning the Mental Game
  • Getting Better
  • Rules
  • Glossary
  • Resources

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The back cover reads:

Since 1976 the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America has grown five hundred percent in size, and now includes 20,000 members. The number of horseshoes players continues to grow among younger people especially. Why this increasing popularity? The sports can be played by anyone, alone or with others. It requires only portable and inexpensive equipment; and it is mentally stimulating as well as physically challenging. Like a good coach, Horseshoes leads the novice pitcher from the origins of the game, through the current rules and techniques, and into the ways of continually improving ones’s game.

  • Official rules of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America
  • Court layout diagrams
  • Basic grip, stance, and swing techniques
  • Anecdotes and advice from the experts

The review from Mike Tribby at Booklist is below:

“The rules of horseshoes have changed over the years, for much the same reason pro football’s have: to encourage more scoring. In 1909 the stakes protruded only 2 inches above ground, whereas today they tower 14 inches. The distance between the stakes, the size and weight of the horseshoes, and, of course, the strategy of the game have all evolved, too. Boga recounts horseshoes history in this handbook’s opening chapter, then gets down to the real point–how to play the game right and well. He describes styles of pitching (i.e., various turns and the popular “flip” technique), the proper grip, stance, and swing, and “winning the mental game.” Moreover, he advocates a holistic approach that involves visualization, focus, and concentration. With nearly half the book devoted to the official rules and master schedules for tournaments, and considering Boga’s clear instruction and obvious dedication, this is a book for the serious player.” Mike Tribby