How to Play Badminton

Where do you turn to teach, coach or play better badminton? If you teach badminton, you may be looking for a lesson plan for your students. If you coach you want to find effective drills to help your players improve their skills.


As a coach or a player you need strategies to hone your game.

All of these important elements are in the book, Skills, Drills and Strategies for Badminton. This book will appeal to beginers and experienced players alike. Teachers and coaches will find the information contained within valuable in their respective positions.

This comprehensive book on the sport was written by Donald C. Paup and Bo Fernhall (both Department Chairs in Excersice Science) this book’s index shows the following topics covered

  1. Preface
  2. Section 1 Preliminaries
    History of the Game
    Conditioning for Badminton
    Warm Up and Cool Down
  3. Section 2 The Game
    General Description
    Action Involved
    Rules and Violations
  4. Section 3 Skills and Drills
    Skill 1 Racket Grip
    Skill 2 Wrist Action
    Skill 3 Overhead Strokes
    Skill 4 Sidearm Strokes
    Skill 5 Underhand Strokes
    Skill 6 Hairpin Drop Shots
    Skill 7 Service Strokes
    Skill 8 Blocking Strokes
    Skill 9 Footwork
  5. Section 4 Strategies
    Psychological Strategies for Performance Enhancement
    Game Strategy
    Singles Strategy
    Doubles Strategy
    Mixed Doubles Strategy
  6. Section 5 Glossary