Total Rugby – 15 Man for Coach and Player

Sir Clive Woodward, Rugby World Cup-Winning England Head Coach says: It’s still the only rugby coaching book I regularly refer to . . . In my opinion, this book is unrivalled–it sets out to give detailed solutions to coaching problems.

rugby coaching book
rugby coaching book

Rugby Classics: Total Rugby: Fifteen-a-side Rugby for Player and Coach. Thousands of players and coaches from around the world have benefited from the concepts and methods in these books, providing them with the coaching skills and strategy to play the very best in fifteen-a-side rugby.











Total Rugby – 15 Man for Coach and Player – Jim Greenwood and Clive Woodward

rugby-total-15-man1Where else but could you find the best books related to Rugby? Here is the book rated highest for it’s content on how to play and coach the rugged game of rugby.

Reviewers gave the book Five Stars for it’s depth of information and excellent delivery. Some of the comments about the book include:

“Your coaches and captains should have this book. It will make you a better coach, and improve the quality of your club’s play.”

“Great, great book. Both for the new rugby player and the old hand… Like the Bible, every time you read it, you learn something new every time. Or something that you weren’t ready to understand before becomes suddenly clear. A must-have for the rugby obsessed.”

“Total Rugby ” is essential reading for players and coaches – and useful for fans. The book covers the essentials of play, from novice to advanced.”

“I’ve been playing rugby for almost 6 years, and I wish I read this book earlier. Being a passionate rugger, I finished this book in one day!”

“Mr. Greenwood has all the basics in here, and it serves as a useful reference beginners wanting to get the basics of the game down, to more experienced ruggers who want to read up on strategy and training tactics.”

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This book was best summed up by Ian McGeechanof OBE when he said “I didn`t feel I’d started coaching properly until I’d read Jim Greenwood.”