confederation mondiale sports boules

Confédération Mondiale Sports Boules
The Confédération Mondiale Sports Boules is an umbrella organization established to gain Olympic recognition for the disciplines represented by each of the following organizations: the Fédération International de Boules (FIB), the Confédération Bouliste Internationale (CBI), and the International Petanque Association (IPA). Among the three organizations, it was IPA that was the most different: IPA promotes petangue, a game from France which started in the early part of the century that uses small metal balls on courts shorter than those used for bocce.

While the three organizations differed in playing principles, all three mainly pursued the same goal: to gain Olympic recognition. By banding together, they became successful in 1986 in their bid for Olympic recognition, after having received a formal communication from the Olympic Committee saying, “welcome to the Olympic family.”