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While it has always been known that hockey has a long history in Canada, its origins have never really been established. There were claims that hockey started in Montreal, Halifax and Kingston, but these still remain to be proven to this day. What was established, however, was the fact that the first hockey organization in Canada, the Ontario Hockey Association, was established in November 1890. Hockey organizations emerged in other parts of Canada following this, and in December 4, 1914, a group of sports administrators held a meeting in Ottawa to establish a national governing body for amateur hockey. After many years of administering the sport, the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association merged with Hockey Canada in 1994 to form one entity, Hockey Canada. Currently, Hockey Canada manages all national teams, including the men’s, women’s, junior men’s under-18 world championship teams. It also coordinates with 13 branch associations, the Canadian Hockey League, and the Canadian Inter-University Sports to conduct national programming activities.