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Ice Hockey Australia (IHA)
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Ice hockey in Australia reportedly began in 1904 in Adelaide when hockey enthusiasts convened a meeting of skaters interested in the introduction of a new form recreation on ice. “Hockey on ice” was then introduced, adopting rules from the land game, as well as the same equipment. Among the men present in the meeting include H. Newman Reid, and his two sons Andy and Hal – all of whom were honored as founders of ice hockey in Australia.

The first ice hockey club in Australia was formed in 1908; and in 1909, the first ever interstate competition was held in Melbourne. After a series of trials during World Wars 1 and 2, Australian hockey came out stronger, more organized, and wider in scope. To date, Ice Hockey Australia (IHA), the recognized governing body of hockey in the country is a proud member of the International Ice Hockey Federation and an active body in setting international hockey policy. IHA has six state member ice hockey associations and is affiliated with the Australian Sports Commission and Australian Olympic Committee.

As in other hockey governing bodies, IHA encourages competitive and recreational hockey to promote sportsmanship, skills, and enjoyment in the sport. IHA also provides training programs, and provides eligibility for competition in state, national, and world championships.