New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation


New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation


Ice hockey made a debut in New Zealand about 60 years ago as a game played among farmers and farm workers on frozen ponds and lakes in the South Island high country. Year 1937 was when the first formal ice hockey tournament was held in Albury, South Canterbury – which led to the conceptualization and realization of the New Zealand Ice Skating Association to manage the increasing demand for the sport. The current governing body, the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation was formed only in 1986 during a meeting at Lake Tekapo to streamline all efforts in promoting and developing further interest among New Zealanders on ice hockey.

New Zealand was one of the very few countries to achieve a medal in its debut international competition – New Zealand won the bronze medal at the 1987 IIHF World Championships in West Australia. New Zealand national teams continue to reap international acclaim to this day in games held in Asia and Oceania.