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Established way back in 1892, the English Lacrosse Association started out as the English Lacrosse Union which was the national governing body for men’s lacrosse. However, in 1996, under the guidance of Sport England, unification efforts between the English Lacrosse Union and the All England Women’s Lacrosse Association – the national governing body for women’s lacrosse – took place to come up with the English Lacrosse Association.

The English Lacrosse Association administers Club Mark, the national program for club development. Catering to both new and existing lacrosse clubs in England, Club Mark aims to strengthen the Club structure, provide a basis for good practice to be replicated through the whole of lacrosse; produce better-trained coaches, administrators and officials; and increase participation and playing opportunities among various stakeholders. Moreover, Club Mark also works to establish a positive image of the club, provide a basis for strategic club development, and provide information for local and regional strategies. It also conducts annual planning activities to craft strategic directions for lacrosse in England, and assists in administering grants.

Club Mark classifies organizations in four levels: one star, two star, three star, and four star. These levels determine the extent to which lacrosse is provided within clubs. Clubs are granted a notch up the levels as they successfully increase their activities and complete annual action plans and four-year strategic development plans.