Hongkong Lacrosse Association (HKLA)


Hongkong Lacrosse Association (HKLA)
Homepage: http://www.hklax.org/


A British professor teaching at the Hongkong University reportedly first introduced lacrosse in the country in 1963. Spurring considerable attention, lacrosse attracted various university students to play in regular tournaments. Established in 1993, the Hongkong Lacrosse Association (HKLA) is dedicated to the promotion and development of the sport in the university level and to the general public. HKLA successfully sent its first official men’s team to the Beijing Cup in 2001. It also hosted the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open in March 2002.

HKLA is governed by eight part-time committee members. It is an affiliated member of the International Lacrosse Federation, allowing it to organize collaborative activities with other regional lacrosse organizations. To date, HKLA consists of about 180 players of varying skill levels. HKLA oversees country’s national men’s team, women teams, and various university/ hall teams.