Argentine Football Association (AFA)


Argentine Football Association (AFA)
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Argentina’s football governing body, the Argentine Football Association (AFA), otherwise known as the Asociación del Fútbol Argentino, has a long history of changes and mergers. The association was initially known as the Argentine Association Football League, which was founded on February 21, 1893. About 10 years after, the association changed its name to Argentine Football Association; and in February 1912, it has been known as the Asociación Argentina de Football. Moreover, in November 1926, the association again changed its name to Asociación Amateur Argentina de Football; and from June 1931 to November 3, 1934, it was known as the Asociación de Football Amateur y Profesionales.

The “Federación Argentina de Football, another football organization, was formed on June 14, 1912. To harmonize development efforts in football, the management thought it best and decided to merge with the Asociación de Football Amateur y Profesionales on December 23, 1914.

Moreover, the Asociacion Amateurs de Football, yet another football association, was founded on September 22, 1919; and in November 1926, also merged with the Asociación Argentina de Football.

On May 1931, another group founded the Liga Argentina de Football – which was also merged with Asociación Argentina de Football on November 3, 1934. This merger resulted into the creation of Argentina’s football governing body as it is known today: Asociación de Fútbol Argentino.