Gibraltar Football Association (GFA)


Gibraltar Football Association (GFA)


One of the ten oldest football federations in the world, the Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) was founded in 1895. Initially named as Gibraltar Civilian Football Association, GFA was founded then to coordinate efforts of an increasing number of football associations. In 1901, GFA formed a representative team which competed against military teams. In 1909, GFA became successful in affiliating with the Football Association. GFA, however, was not equally successful in its bid to become a full member of the UEFA, due to an opposition from the Spanish Football Federation. GFA is now looking forward to a positive turnout in its pending application for membership of UEFA.

GFA considers the period of 1949-1955 as its golden era, when teams such as Real Madrid FC, Atletico Madrid FC, Real Valladolid FC, Beogradski FC, Wacker FC, and Admira FC came to Gibraltar to play with their local team.