Badminton Ruling Bodies – Badminton Association of England


Badminton Association of England (BAofE)
Rules and regulations:

As the governing body of badminton all through England, BAofE serves as the main conduit of information about the sport to enthusiasts. BAofE administers coaching courses, provides books and informational videos to advance the sport in the country. BAofE likewise strives to encourage and develop the best players from all levels – grassroots, local leagues, country organizations, national squad – to progress to international play. Among its medium-term goals include becoming a “best practice” example of an equitable national governing body of badminton. BAofE aims to do this by improving on areas of gender, disability, and race. Moreover, BAofE works hard to produce a roster of top international players – winning medals and titles in major international competitions. Currently, BAofE is implementing intensive training to its players, as its latest action plan specifies one important goal: to have a medal-winner in each event in the World Championships in 2005.