Badminton Ruling Bodies – USA Badminton (USAB)

USA Badminton (USAB)
Rules and regulations:

A meeting among the USA Badminton (USAB) executive committee in 1991 determined the organization’s main thrusts and solidified its mandate of being the national governing body of the sport. As the governing body for badminton in the country, USAB administers all competitions and trains the best players for play in the Olympic Games. In 1993, USAB put up an Olympic Player Development Committee that would oversee activities to improve international performance. To date, USAB regularly fields players to the World Championships, Sudirman Cup, Thomas Cup and Uber Cup, World Junior Championships, and Pan American Games.

Aside from its promotional activities to advance badminton at all levels in the US, USAB also maintains affiliations with national level organizing bodies internationally to promote a higher level of competitive and recreational badminton globally.