BASEBALL GOVERNING BODIES – Cal Ripkin and Babe Ruth Baseball League Rules


Babe Ruth Baseball
Latest Rule Changes:

With the aim of developing the American youth through sports, a group of men Babe Ruth League conceptualized over 50 years ago in a meeting held in New Jersey. The men initially named the organization as “Little Bigger League;” and appointed Marius D. Bonacci as its founder.

The league was then renamed to Babe Ruth in 1954, after Claire Ruth, Babe Ruth’s widow agreed to have the league named after her late husband, saying “he could receive no greater tribute than to have a youth baseball program named after him.”

Since then, Babe Ruth League has steadily grown into one of the premier amateur baseball and softball programs in the world. From a league that used to have only 10 teams based in New Jersey, Babe Ruth now has tremendously increased to over 7,000 leagues worldwide, with over 886,500 players on some 45,200 teams. Babe Ruth now caters to aspiring baseball players aged 13-18. Though its Cal Ripken division, Babe Ruth also offers baseball to players aged 5-12.

The league is governed by the Babe Ruth International Board. Local leagues, however, maintains some form of independence within the guidelines provided by Babe Ruth League International Board.