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Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA)
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CABA offers tournaments for players aged 9 onwards, coming from 32 states, Mexico, Brazil and Korea. CABA prides itself as being a “stand-out” amateur baseball program. Among its pride features is its single age series that “encourages a more equal level of competition within a single age division and allows more players in your program a chance to play tournament ball.”

Moreover, unlike other programs that prohibit a player to participate in more than one tournaments, CABA gives players the opportunity to vie against older players even in the same program. CABA also uses a

Round Robin format in all of their World Series to eliminate the need for teams to come to a series knowing that some teams will be leaving as early as the second day.

While continually expanding its horizons, CABA maintains relatively simple rules, most of which are related to age limits. It also implements very limited rules at the national level, and even at the regional and state levels.