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International Baseball Federation
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Founded in 1938, the International Baseball Federation now has 111 national federation members – a long way from its first international baseball event in the 1904 Olympic Games in USA.

After a long period of unity and camaraderie within the sport, a falling out period occurred in 1972 due to differences in opinion and powerful influences. This led to the creation of the Federación Mundial de Béisbol Amateur (FEMBA) at the Congress in Bologna, Italy. It was only in 1976 when then leaders of the International Federation and FEMBA reconciled their differences and agreed to establish a single body under the name of International Baseball Association (AINBA). However, in 1984 during a Congress held in Cuba, the delegates agreed to change the name of AINBA to the International Baseball Association (IBA). Finally, in 1999, at the Congress held in Sydney, Australia, the Federation decided to return to its roots and changed its name to the International Baseball Federation.