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National Football League Europe

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NFL Europe League started in 1991 when former Denver Broncos coach John Ralston was charged with finding European talent to fill out the new league. The league now consists of both International and American ball players.

Six teams now make up the NFL Europe league including: Berlin Thunder, Frankfurt Galaxy, Amsterdam Admirals, Cologne Centurions, Rhein Fire, Scotland Sea Devils.

The NFLEL games are played according to the rules set down by the NFL. Exceptions to those rules include:

  • The defense can score two points for returning a ball over the opponents goal line on an offense conversion attempt.
  • Overtime is 10 minutes, with each team having at least one offensive possession. The team scoring the most points after the overtime period is the winner.

The World Bowl is the leagues “Super Bowl” with eleven championships played. The champions are as follows:

1991 – London
1992 – Sacramento
1995 – Frankfurt
1996 – Scottish
1997 – Barcelona
1998 – Rhein
1999 – Frankfurt
2000 – Rhein
2001 – Berlin
2002 – Berlin
2003 – Frankfurt
2004 – Berlin

NFL Europe has been an excellent training ground for players to catapult into the NFL. At the date of this writing, more than 200 players were listed on NFL rosters having come from the NFL Europe experience.