Japan Lacrosse Association (JLA)


Japan Lacrosse Association (JLA)
Homepage: http://www.lacrosse.gr.jp/


Japan has a young history in lacrosse. It started in 1986 when a group of students from Keio University, one of the prime academic institutions in Japan, took interest in the sport after visiting the American Embassy. Soon after, the interest in lacrosse spread to various businessmen and lawyers, and in June 1987, the Japan Lacrosse Association (JLA) was founded. JLA aims to promote lacrosse in the country, and improve the quality and techniques within the sport to raise the attractiveness of the sport. JLA emphasizes three main principles including volunteerism, amateurism, and international friendship.

In April 1988, the Japan Lacrosse Student League was formed, composed of seven universities. December, 1988 marked the first time when the first lacrosse game was played in Japan, with Yokota base and Keio University as the competing teams. In 1990, the Japan Lacrosse Club Team Association was then founded which was instrumental in the conduct of Japan’s first national tournament held that same year, participated in by eastern and western student and club teams.

To date, JLA is busy in its promotion and sport development activities across Asia. So far, they have conducted training tours to China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore, They have also successfully sponsored the International Lacrosse Friendship Games held in June 1999 in China.