New Zealand Lacrosse


New Zealand Lacrosse



New Zealand’s first lacrosse game was reportedly played on June 17, 1899 on Stitchbury’s Paddock and involved a few expatriate players and a handful of local enthusiasts. It was also during that year when the New Zealand Lacrosse Association was founded, followed by the conduct of the Auckland Regional Championships. By 1901, six clubs comprised the Auckland league, including those from Grafton, Grey Lynn, North Shore, Parnell, Ponsonby and Suburbs. However, the First World War severely affected the development of lacrosse in New Zealand. The sport took a quick downturn – even in the 1920s, no structure existed in New Zealand to support the sport.

The formation of the New Zealand Lacrosse Association (NZLA) in October 2000 marked the return of lacrosse in the country’s sporting scene. In December that year, the first lacrosse game was played after more than 80 years. League expansion ensued in 2001, with the teams increasing to four. By the end of 2001, there were six teams composing the League. It was also in 2001 when New Zealand established its first women’s league.